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Originally from London, Antoni Ruschil graduated from Newark School of Violin Making, UK. He then went on to apprentice making and restoring stringed instruments in workshops across Europe to refine his skills. Starting in Germany at the workshop of Roger Hargrave, then to Cyprus to work with Stepan Soultanian and on to Italy to apprentice with the Vettori family violin makers. He finally returned to London to work for JP Guivier and then on to Stringers in London.  He has also worked with Dextra Musica, Norway, the Fondazione Stradivari and Museo Civico in Cremona, Italy

Antoni Ruschil sold the first instrument he made to the collection of The Royal Academy of Music. Working closely with the Academy, he also works with students from The Royal College of Music and Guildhall. He makes instruments for musicians of all kinds in orchestras, quartets, for soloists, teachers and students of all ages.

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