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At 18, having finished at the “G Pellegrino Institute of Art” in Lecce, I moved to Cremona with the desire to study guitar construction. I attended the “A. Stradivari International School of Violin Making”, where a world of ideas opened for me which drove me to continue my pursuit.

For a brief period I moved to Germany for some experience in instrument restoration, and then returned to Cremona to fine-tune my studies in the production of stringed instruments.

It has been years of passion for the pursuit of the perfect varnish and acoustic result, of trying and refining a thousand times, years in pursuit of the best woods, those with grain and flame which seem to speak, and years of professional comparison and exchange with select historic Cremonese violin making workshops in a continuous flow of life, art and work.

Every day, even now, the diligent pursuit of beauty, of elegant and clean lines, the pursuit which gives each instrument its own strong, personal voice, guides me in my work to create unique instruments.

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