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Born in France into a family of carpenters and starting to play music at an early age, I was naturally drawn to violin making. Deciding to learn the craft, I left my university studies in physics and joined the renowned Newark School of Violin Making (UK) in 2006.

I graduated in 2010, having specialised in the restoration of instruments. Since then, I have been perfecting my skills working on the finest instruments for major workshops in the UK.

I now have my own workshop in London, specialising in large scale restoration (while also undertaking smaller repairs, maintenance work and tonal adjustments both for professional and amateur musicians).

In recent years, my love for cellos led me to dedicate some of my time to the making of them.

Having had the great opportunity to work on instruments by the best makers (including J.B. Vuillaume, F. Ruggieri, A. Guarneri and N. Amati) I have been able to study them closely. I integrate all I have learnt from them into my own making, while always aiming for each and every one of my cellos to have its own sonority and character.

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