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Luc Deneys is a Luthier who only makes unique instruments. He does not make any series but continuously experiments with form and sound so that each newly created instrument is an individual piece of art to be added to his total oeuvre, which by now consists of 200 instruments. Luc was born on april 2, 1953 in the university town of Leuven, Belgium.

During his studies, he combined fine arts and music education and in his whole career, modern plastic arts and the craftsmanship of the instrument maker are continuously intertwined. He learned his craft in the workshop of Gio Batta Morassi in Cremona, Italy, later perfecting his skills in the workshop of Kirchneck und Seifert in Bubenreuth, Germany. In 1999 he bought the Château du Faubourg de Saint-Vincent, the previous house Lamy dating from 1860, in Mirecourt, the French centre of violin manufacture.

Since 1986, the permanent workshop of Luc Deneys is situated in Ghent, the capital of the Flemish province “Oost- Vlaanderen”, in ahistorical location. Indeed, the place dates from 1874 and is the oldest music shop in Belgium. Active in both Ghent and Mirecourt, Luc Deneys is not only a respected luthier but also an experimental plastic artist, creating mixed-media compositions.His collaboration with Joseph Beuys in Hamburg and Christo Vladimirov Javacheff in Paris during the 70’s had a lasting influence on the artist.But the crowning glory for Luc was the formation in 2008 of The Deneys Quartet, which ever since promotes his instruments worldwide.

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