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Born in 1983 in Gemona Del Friuli (UD), a small town about 100km north-east of Venice, he starts getting interested in violin making after visiting a workshop in his region. He then decides to attend the A. Stradivari International Violin Making School in Cremona and, under the guidance of different Masters (Angelo Sperzaga, Wanna Zambelli, but also Massimo Negroni, Luca Bellini and Daniele Scolari), he learns the Cremonese traditional construction of bowed string instruments.

Marco Cargnelutti graduated in 2012, and soon after he took apprenticeships in two workshops in Cremona, with Giorgio Scolari and Luca Bellini. At the same time he had the possibility to learn also from other Cremonese violin makers, such as Davide Sora, continuing then acoustic and aesthetic research in his hometown.

For his instruments he uses only seasoned wood, chosen with accuracy, paying particular attention to acoustic properties.

At the beginning of 2015 he opens his workshop in Gemona del Friuli, where he builds violins, violas and cellos mainly based on Stradivarius models, and paying particular attention to great Masters of the last century, such as G. Ornati and F. Garimberti.

From 2015, Marco Cargnelutti is member of the Associazione Liutaria Italiana – Liutai Professionisti (A.L.I.)

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